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My story begins in Worcester, MA. I grew up in an Italian family with a strong food and eating culture where most of my family were obese and unable to control what and how much they ate. I, however, was an anomaly that somehow remained thin and active and was the constant subject of my relatives commenting how I never ate enough, even though I always finished what was on my plate. So, when the opportunity to become a health coach where you work with clients struggling to get their eating, nutrition, exercise, and supplement issues in control it felt like the perfect thing to do to help others. My career choices have always been about helping others. I have a BA in criminal justice and worked as a Personal Protection Officer (similar to secret service but in the private sector) for a major corporation for 14 years in the Detroit area. I am a second-degree black belt who currently teaches women’s self-defense in Portage, MI, and volunteer at schools and women’s shelters teaching personal protection and showing kids how to handle bullying. Are you ready to start your weight-loss journey? Call to schedule a 20 min complimentary meet and greet session with me at 269-375-4400 or book your first appointment and get started right away!

"Thank you, Steve, for all of your kindness, guidance and support. I could not have achieved my goals without you." - Michael K.